Al-Fnia Company for Aluminum Industry, the first and leading company in the manufacturing and developing Aluminum Profiles in Libya, the company was established in 2007 and the factory was built on an area of 40,000 square meters in the Industrial District, Sidi Khalifa, Benghazi – Libya. Producing around 300 tons monthly. And with how rapidly the world is changing, new demands are being born every day. Modern buildings required more sophisticated design and construction of systems of higher standards. By always focusing on the specifications and requirements of the markets, with the highest standards.  The Al-Fnia Company Engineers created an innovative product range that perfectly fulfills the modern buildings market demand. Which increased the production to around 750 tons monthly.

The company works on satisfying the customers’ requests by providing the latest designs and providing the required colors through the electrostatic powder coating line and a Chemical Anodizing line to cover a wide range of colors.

The company also provides wooden effects Aluminum finish using a modern production lines.  In addition, keeping pace with the development of the aluminum industry and striving to be present in and outside of Libya, the company is always growing and is currently working on establishing new production lines to bring the production capacity to 1500 tons per month during the year 2023.

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