Chairman’s Message:

In view of the important economic transformations the national economy is witnessing within its structure and the adoption of clear policies to work on moving the economic activity in our beloved country, pushing it towards advanced stages of the growth, development and allowing the private sector to contribute in achieving this by employing savings that lead to raising development rates which relies on modern technology and works to create new job opportunities that accommodate the unemployed and job seekers from among our countrymen after working on training and qualifying them and pushing them in this constructive economic march and benefiting from them in such a large strategic industrial edifice which will contribute to the implementation of economic policies until it is injected into the national economy body to nourish it, grow and accelerate its pace in a way that guarantees the support and protection of local production, which is very important and to pass many stages of growth in a short time according to a scientific methodology to raise the level and to join the levels reached by other developed countries and effective contribution to rebuilding our country through Participation and promotion of other industrial companies, whether small or large in the Libyan market, Which 100% relies on supplying their needs of aluminum from abroad, and It has been estimated through statistical studies, about 750 tons per month.

And from what is mentioned above, to achieve the goals which these policies were taken, and to cover the market needs, through local production, and to compete with global products, in terms of prices and quality, in accordance to the modern development and technologies used in the world, Al-Fania Company for Aluminum Industry saw the establishment of a factory for the production of aluminum billets and profiles. From laying the foundation stone on the 11th of July 2007 for its factory located in the city of Benghazi in the Sidi Khalifa district, where the factory was started on 15th of July 2009 and we are still modernizing and developing one of the largest Libyan factories.

Suliman Mohammed Alzwai

لاتتردد فى التواصل معنا